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Nicole Burgess is a certified Keto Coach who has lost 100 pounds living a low carb/ketogenic lifestyle during the course of her weightless and fitness journey.

I have struggled with obesity my entire life since a child. I’ve tried every fad diet in the books and even took diet pills with only seeing short term success with always gaining the weight back plus some. My motivation or “why” was my husband and I were having trouble getting pregnant. It wasn’t until my gynecologist looked me in the face and gave me the harsh reality that weight was holding me back! I knew right then that I wasn’t letting my addiction of unhealthy foods/habits hold me back from living my life!

I did the typical cliche thing and joined a gym January 1, 2009, cleaned out our pantry/fridge and replaced everything with healthy low carb options. Through eating low carb/whole foods and daily exercise I lost 85 pounds in less than 7 months! I was able to maintain the weight loss over the years even having two kids in the process!

However, in 2018 I began to get a little comfortable again and started putting weight back on. It was the influence of a friend doing keto that sparked my interest in the lifestyle. Keto was more strict, but looked very familiar to what I had done to lose the initial weight. In January 2019 (again cliche, I know!) I decided to take a chance and get back on track. With living a ketogenic lifestyle for almost 2 years I have lost 25 pounds, found my confidence again, and changed my muscle definition in my body.

Besides being a certified Keto Coach, I’m also a mom to two boys, wife, and Youtuber where I inspire people daily to be the best version of themselves they can be. I offer one on one keto coaching where I make custom weekly meal plans, personalized macro profiles, fitness plans, daily check ins, zoom meetings and much more for you to be the most successful you can be living a ketogenic lifestyle.

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What I offer

The One on One Coaching Service will be the most personalized experience with me as your personal keto advisor, mentor, nutritionist, and fitness coach.

This will include an initial zoom consultation to review your coaching experience in every detail. I will customize everything in your coaching experience exclusively to YOU! I am well trained in all forms of programs that fit the ketogenic lifestyle that may be best for you. I will create/ design the macros that will fit you and your body type best to see success. Customized meal plans will be created each week and sent via email on Saturdays so you can shop accordingly/ meal prep for the week ahead. You will have full direct access to me during your coaching session to ask any questions you may have along the process.

You will check in with me with your progress (weigh in/picture/measurements) each Saturday morning so I can analyze to see if macros, foods, exercise, or meal plans need to be adjusted. We will document your journey every step of the way! Remember, this isn’t a quick fix and it will take work & dedication to see results! However, I do believe that with my guidance you will see success in this lifestyle!


One on One Coaching 6 Week Program: $499